Saturday, April 16, 2011

two month :)

Dua bulan lagi.. :) Maybe less than that. Hope everything gonna be alright. Please save the date. :)

p/s : too nervous but too excited :P


  1. omgg! firstly canteknyaaa header hg! hahaha :D
    secondly, aku sgt la eksaited okayyy. lg dua bulan kee? sebulan stgh laahh! hihik :D cant wait for ur big day darlingg!! hehe
    n lastly, tak sabar nk jumpaaa! hoho :D

  2. omg!utk yg 1st tuh tgkla spe yg tgkpkan.thnx!hahah
    yg 2nd omg tuh..aku lg OMG!hahahaha.
    yg 3rd, miss u too..hehe :P